Ready to meet your path of passion, power & juicy purpose?

You are a seed of wild potential busting to break out and greet the sunshine. You know you’re on this planet to touch the lives of others in profound and meaningful ways but sometimes struggle to actualise this practically and sustainably. You’ve got a soul itch to scratch and yearn to move beyond the banal and superficial b.s. but get shaky knees or self-doubt paralysis when contemplating jumping into the unknown. And I know, beautiful spark, you want to use your gifts as a force for magical good to create the juiciest life for yourself, your loved ones, your community and big mama earth but sometimes it can all just seem a little overwhelming. I hear ya. I’ve been here too.

We’re a match made in honey heaven if:

  • you want to further explore your super-power gifts and how you can use them every single day to shape a life that just keeps getting better and better
  • you seek to invite the sacred into all that you do
  • you want to unleash the natural prowess of your body, mind and soul
  • you are ready to courageously get out of your own way — with the greatest of love and compassion of course — and really be the change you crave to see in the world

Let me introduce myself:

I am Nicole Gruel, author, alchemist and co-creative catalyst. I started Barefoot Storyweaver because soulful stories and wild creativity set my belly ablaze and I wanted a place to share them with my fellow follow-your-bliss buddies. What turns me on is seeing folks living their craziest dreams with soul and a bucket full of spice. When those dreams become realities that ignite and benefit others, I fall hopelessly in love. This happens often.

I’m a sucker for people who:

  • hug trees often with reckless abandon
  • break into spontaneous song and dance
  • believe in their vision even when no one else will
  • run with synchronistic opportunities when the universe throws them

weave magic